2002 ,The last days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania

This authoritative, stunningly edited edition of Kruk's acclaimed journals, news postings and poems of life and death in the Jewish ghetto of Vilna and later in a labor camp in Estonia, is as major addition to Holocaust literature and Jewish history. In 1961 a Yiddish edition of the Vilna diaries was published. This larger new edition has been painstakingly assembled from those diaries and other documents and writings by Kruk that were widely scattered and only found since the 1961 edition; Harshav has also added a wealth of new footnotes...

צרו איתנו קשר בשמחה:

שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.

צרו קשר

איגוד יוצאי וילנה (בית וילנה והסביבה)
שד' יהודית, 30 תל אביב

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